The OrthoMouse
The Orthopedic Computer Mouse People who use the OrthoMouse say:

"The OrthoMouse’s contours put my hand in an incredibly relaxed and natural position, and I could almost immediately notice the difference from my standard old mouse. So if you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse that is easy-to-use, minimizes the pressure of mousing and clicking, and is configurable enough to fit almost any user, the OrthoMouse may be for you."

(Jon Paulsen)

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"This mouse completely eliminated my wrist pain. I tried literally dozens of mice over the years and none of them were able to do what this mouse does. Experiment with all of the attachments to determine which configuration is the most comfortable for you. After about a week of use at work, my wrist's constant aching and tightness started to disappear. After two weeks, it was gone. Between this mouse and a split keyboard, all of my carpal tunnel issues were resolved."

(Patrick - Chicago)


"For years, I had a lingering pain and also numbness in my right hand, fingers, and sometimes in my forearm. I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel by a world-renowned hand specialist and was told that I needed surgery. I began using the OrthoMouse and my pain and numbness vanished. I began using the fabulous OrthoMouse over 2 years ago. Please thank Dr. Segalle for inventing this product."

(Colette Devine)


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"This is the best mouse I found, ever!! Tried several ones, but none could take away my wrist pain. My pain was so bad on the right hand that I started switching the mouse use between my right and left hand. This changing in mouse from one hand to the other started in 2003. After a while both wrists where hurting. This till beginning the year (2010) when a friend of mine told me about Ortho Mouse. I never thought a mouse could help me so much, after just a week using this mouse, my pain got away... You can't imagine how discouraged I was when I had to use the mouse I used before... I was just thinking, oh my, hope I don't end up with invalid arms soon. But after finding this mouse... all my worries are over. The interesting thing is that this company is a small, very small company, created by a medical doctor here in Brazil, he studied this subject many years before he came out with this product... and guess what, he by himself sold me this mouse and taught me 100 of different things. AMAZING."

(H. Fisher)


"It is pretty good. Before, with my old mouse, all the muscles in my hand and arm were getting knotted up. And with this mouse I work all day with no trouble. Also it took maybe an hour to get used to the middle button being at the thumb it was just more natural there. I'd say if you are worried about the price, I don't even remember what I paid."

(Kyle Edmondson)



"After researching Orthopedic Mouse" extensively, I decided that the OrthoMouse had the most promise for my condition (wrist and arm pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, after relief surgery). The OrthoMouse was easy to get used to, and the custom snap-in base parts allowed me to get a perfect and extremely comfortable (natural) fit. If you are experiencing discomfort, using this mouse should provide relief. Highly recommended! I only wish I had tried it before the Carpal Tunnel surgery!"

(Raymond Richard - Clearwater, FL)



"I wish I'd had this years ago! Too late to prevent the ruination of my forearm from ongoing use of a mouse; but at least it's keeping it from deteriorating further. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to any right-handed mouse user."

(Bhakti-rider Campbell, CA, USA)